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On Other Blogs Today: Gay Rights and College Tuition

By Erica C. Barnett October 31, 2012

1. Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat expresses relief that R-74, the marriage-equality proposal, hasn't prompted the kind of politically motivated acts of harassment and violence that both sides initially predicted. Specifically, gay marriage opponents said they'd be the targets of harassment and violence from proponents; instead, Secretary of State Sam Reed "has not received a single complaint about petition signers being harassed or even contacted."

2. Speaking of R-74: The New York Times weighs in on gay marriage proposals in four states, including Washington, arguing that although "the freedom to marry is a fundamental right that should not have to be won or defended at the ballot box ... same-sex marriage measures on the Nov. 6 ballot in Maine, Washington, Maryland and Minnesota could turn out to be pivotal in the struggle for marriage equality."

3. With the state's prepaid college tuition program facing a shortfall of more than $600 million (that is, if every child enrolled in the system decided to go to college next year, the state wouldn't have enough money to fund their educations), parents and state legislators are questioning whether the program is sustainable in the long term, the AP reports. Nationwide, there are 12 prepaid tuition programs; 10 have shut down due to insolvency.

4. Also from the AP: Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee is running short on cash, with a negative account balance of around $50,000—bad news in the final days of an election in which Inslee has raised more than $11 million to his Republican opponent Rob McKenna's $13 million total. 

5. Via Walking in Seattle, a new campaign aims to promote all-way walk signals in specific intersections in the city, similar to the all-way crossing at First and Union in downtown Seattle, where pedestrians can cross the street in every direction, including diagonally. 

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