1. Did you know that Washington state can bar people with mental disabilities from voting? And that some advocates for voting reform, including Black Box Voting, think that's a good thing? Learn all about rules that allow about 30 states to disenfranchise people they deem "incompetent" at the Atlantic

2. Predatory payday lending has shrunk in the state of Washington for the second straight year thanks, at least in part, to a 2009 law barring limiting the size and number of high-interest payday loans a person can take out in a single year. The limits, the liberal Economic Opportunity Institute argues, have helped discourage the practice of "churning, in which borrowers roll old payday loans over into new ones when they can't afford to pay back the original loan. 

3. Jack Connelly, the Tacoma trial lawyer who's trying to oust Democratic state Rep. Jeannie Darnielle for the 27th District state senate seat being vacated by Debbie Regala, has poured nearly $1 million into his own campaign, the Tacoma News Tribune reports. Connelly, who's running as a Democrat, opposes gay antidiscrimination laws, same-sex marriage, and abortion rights

4. Hey, transit wonks: Dying to know what Inslee and McKenna said about tolling and light rail at last night's gubernatorial debate? Transportation Issues Daily has you covered with the transcript. 

5. The Atlantic takes a look at "how we got into this stormwater mess," with a focus on the Puget Sound's worsening pollution by stormwater runoff, and a clear explanation of the difference between "point-source" pollution and non-point-source pollution, which now makes up the majority of pollution in US rivers, lakes, and estuaries.

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