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On Other Blogs Today: A Big Contribution and a "Tortured Endorsement"

By Erica C. Barnett October 23, 2012


1. The Seattle Times has a bit more on the anti-Reagan Dunn campaign ad we wrote about in Fizz this morning. While we were finanlly able to track down the mysterious funders (they weren't listed in campaign finance reports), the Times got Dunn's response to the attack ad.

2. The AP reports that Bill and Melinda Gates have contributed half a million dollars to the campaign for R-74, the marriage equality ballot measure; Bill gates donated $100,000 to the campaign earlier this year. 

3. In Lynnwood, a public-school teacher has been forced to remove a bipartisan wall of campaign signs from her classroom—not by the school, or the school district, but by the teachers' union, MyNorthwest reports.

The state teachers' union is a major supporter of Democrat Jay Inslee in the tight race for governor against Republican Rob McKenna. 

There's controversy inside Gov. Chris Gregoire's office over Gregoire's appointment of Cheryl Pflug

4. The AP reports on controversy inside Gov. Chris Gregoire's office over Gregoire's appointment of Cheryl Pflug, a former Republican state senator, to a lucrative position in her office despite staffers' concerns that she might not be qualified for the job and failed to turn in her application on time. 

5. In a decision even they admit is "tortured," the Tacoma News Tribune endorses former state supreme court justice Richard Sanders for the supreme court being vacated by retiring justice Tom Chambers,  arguing that while they're alarmed by Sanders' dogmatism, they're more alarmed by McCloud's long career as a defense attorney and her use of phrases like "social justice constitutional rights."

Sanders, of course, is much more than a mere doctrinaire libertarian; he's an activist. As we noted in our 2010 endorsement of Charlie Wiggins for the seat Sanders subsequently lost, Sanders spoke at an anti-choice rally, wrote an opinion in favor of the anti-gay marriage Defense of Marriage Act; and ruled in favor of the Building Industry Association of Washington 25 out of 28 times after accepting more than $35,000 from the PAC.

6. Speaking of tortured endorsements, the Tri-City Herald's editorial endorsing Brad Owen for Lieutenant Governor literally begins, "We wish we didn't have to attach an asterisk to our support for" Owen's reelection—a reference to Owen's anti-drug charity, Strategies for Youth.

As we noted in our endorsement of Owen's Republican opponent, Bill Finkbeiner, Owen's charity paid his wife $25,000 over several years; paid for a truck his family drove for personal use; and used state resources for fundraising. In a head-scratcher, the editorial concludes, "Despite straying into some gray areas, we admire Owen's efforts to make Strategies for Youth successful.

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