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New Anti-Inslee Ad Features Unconvincing Spokeswoman

By Josh Feit October 2, 2012

Yesterday, we trashed the anti-Rob McKenna ad from Our Washington, the independent expenditure group funded by the Democratic Governors Association and Democratic interest groups such as the teachers' union.

Turnabout is fair play—and boy did the Republican Governors Association give us a free shot with its new attack ad against Jay Inslee.

The ad trashes Inslee for proposing to take some money out of public employee pensions to help fund investments in startup companies—an idea, by the way, that Inslee explicitly dropped after first proposing it last year early in his campaign.

But that's not my main problem with the ad; nor is it the irony that the Republicans have a track record of cutting first responder money—$1.8 billion between 2010 and 2012 from FEMA.

No, here's the laughable part.

The ad, with heartstring-pulling footage of firefighters, uses a first responder to criticize the (again, discarded) idea of taking money away from her pension.

The first responder? Patti Mann.

She says: "You never know what you're going to find. What you'll be called on to do? You're dealing with people's loss. A home. A family member."

Mann is right to say that first responders are critical public servants and their work should be taken seriously. But Mann has proven she doesn't actually understand that point herself.

Mann wasted the Bellevue police's time last year by calling up to demand that the police send an officer out to the Bellevue Community Center to have a Democratic Party cameraman removed from McKenna's talk to a group of Republicans. Mann, who complained that the interloper wouldn't turn off his camera, was following up on two previous calls from the group.

Apparently, the terrorized Republicans weren't a top priority for the police.

Here's our account of the ridiculous incident with audio of Mann's call (at the 5:57 mark of the tape) and 911's disinterested response.

Mann was an unsuccessful conservative candidate for the Bellevue City Council, part of the Kemper Freeman slate.
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