Monday Jolt: Renters and The Real Job Creators

By Afternoon Fuzz October 1, 2012

Rep. Hans Dunshee, photo for PubliCola by Camden Swita

Today's winner: Seattle renters. 

The Seattle City Council approved legislation this afternoon creating a citywide rental-housing inspection program that requires landlords to register with the city. The program has been a top priority of the Tenants Union for the last five years.

The legislation, which has been in the works since 2010 (check out our coverage from those early discussions here), came in response to less-stringent state rules that tenant advocates argued were too friendly to landlords.

Within 10 years, if all goes well, all of the city's estimated 42,000 rental properties will be licensed and inspected.

More winners: State Sen. Derek Kilmer (D-26, Gig Harbor) and State Rep. Hans Dunshee (D-44, Snohomish)

Lefty group Fuse handed out their 2012 Sizzle and Fizzle Awards today. Appropriately enough, Kilmer and Dunshee earned a Sizzle for passing their jobs bill—probably the most coherent piece of legislation enacted last session.

One-percenters talk about being job creators, but Kilmer and Dunshee actually are job creators.

The $1 billion construction bonds bill—a bit of Paul Krugman economics that both business and labor supported and that was funded from existing revenue streams—is expected to create 18,000 jobs. (And these aren't "make-work" projects; Kilmer and Dunshee identified projects that hot-wired sustainable work.)

Fuse gushes:

Rep. Hans Dunshee and Senator Derek Kilmer [conjured] up some badly needed bills to create green jobs in Washington. Dunshee and Kilmer worked their magic across party lines to put Washington families back to work and fund long-overdue toxic cleanup, school modernization, and infrastructure improvements.
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