Afternoon Jolt

Wednesday Jolt: McKenna Campaign Posts, then Removes, Anti-Gay Talking Point

By Josh Feit October 24, 2012


Afternoon Jolt

 Earlier today, we reported that Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna's campaign blog had a post up pushing some tired (and inaccurate) anti-gay rights rhetoric. The post dug up the line that parents don't want their schoolchildren to be "taught alternate lifestyles by strangers."

State Sen. Ed Murray (D-43, Seattle) told us the McKenna camp was "reaching deep into the scare tactics of the far right."

We called the campaign today to ask about the divisive rhetoric. We did not hear back. But the McKenna camp has apparently removed the post from its site. 

The author of the post, Charlene Bamford, is not listed on McKenna's campaign reports as a paid staffer.




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