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Nasty Personal Insult

By Morning Fizz October 5, 2012

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1. Yesterday afternoon, Tim Eyman sent out an email blast saying it wasn't surprising that the Everett Herald had reversed its position on requiring a two-thirds legislative majority to raise taxes (Yesterday, the Herald endorsed a "no" vote on Eyman's I-1185), noting that one of the recent additions to its editorial board is Peter Jackson, son of the legendary Democratic US Sen. Henry "Scoop" Jackson (D-WA).

Not two hours went by before state Rep. Reuven Carlyle (D-36, Seattle), a spokesman for the anti-1185 campaign, and who paged for Jackson when he was 16, in 1982, responded:

Rep. Reuven Carlye, 1982, Portrait of the Young Man as a U.S. Senate Page

"There comes a time when public officials have a moral responsibility to stand up for civic dialogue. Today is one of those days and this is one of those times. Tim Eyman's unbelievable, nasty personal insult to Everett Herald Editorial page editor Peter Jackson, a treasured friend and son of one of our state's legendary public officials in the late Scoop Jackson, went a step too far outside the dignity of Washington's history of integrity in politics.

... A patronizing personal attack on the paper, Mr. Jackson and the memory of Senator Jackson (whom I had the honor of serving as a page for in the United States Senate) was uncalled for.  We are better than this as a state and Mr. Eyman demeans us all in demeaning Sen. Jackson's memory."

2. King County Sheriff candidate John Urquhart held a fundraiser last night at a gay bar on Capitol Hill, the Lobby. Urquhart is running against acting King County Sheriff Steve Strachan, a former state house conservative legislator in Minnesota with a nearly identical voting record to colleague Michele Bachmannpushing anti-choice legislation and voting for one piece of anti-gay legislation, according to Equality Minnesota, the gay rights group there.

State Sen. Ed Murray (D-43, Seattle), the gay state senator who ushered through this year's gay marriage legislation, gave the fundraising pitch reflecting on the fact that law enforcement used to harass gays in the exact same Capitol Hill gay bar district where they were now hosting a fundraiser for perhaps the next County sheriff.

3. Speaking of Murray, Fizz says: the battle is on to replace retiring state senate majority leader Sen. Lisa Brown (D-3, Spokane) and the contenders are: Murray (currently head of the senate ways and means committee ... and a likely 2013 candidate for mayor in Seattle) and state Sen. Tracey Eide (D-30, Federal Way), the current majority floor leader and vice chair of the senate transportation committee.

4. If the city passes district elections, which current city council members would have to run against each other? Fizz was curious, so we plotted out current city council members' addresses and compared the to the proposed new districts. The verdict: Just three of nine council members would have districts of their own.

Of the other four, Sally Clark (Columbia City) and Bruce Harrell (Mount Baker) would face off in Southeast Seattle's District 3; Nick Licata (Greenwood) and Mike O'Brien (Fremont) would have to run for the Fremont-to-Greenwood District 6; and Sally Bagshaw (downtown) and Tim Burgess (Queen Anne) would face each other in downtown/Queen Anne/Magnolia's District 7.

Of course, since, under the proposal, two council members would still be elected at large, so theoretically, two of those six council members could run for the at-large seats, leaving just two council members to duke it out for one of the new geographically elected positions.

5. Anti-gay marriage campaign leader Joseph Backholm was a no-show for a scheduled debate at TVW yesterday.
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