Wednesday Jolt: Noel Frame

By Afternoon Jolt September 19, 2012

Today's winner: Noel Frame. 

Progressive Majority head Noel Frame, one of two Democrats running for the open 36th District state house seat being vacated by Mary Lou Dickerson (the other is Seattle Port Commissioner Gael Tarleton), has received endorsements from all but one of the Democrat opponents she and Tarleton defeated in the primary. In addition to Brett Phillips, who announced he was endorsing Frame earlier this week, and independent Linde Knighton, former 36th candidate Sahar Fathi, a Democrat, endorsed Frame this afternoon.

The 36th District Democrats will vote tonight on who to endorse in the house race. The group's executive board has recommended endorsing Tarleton. (They could, of course, end up endorsing neither candidate; a sole or dual endorsement requires the approval of two-thirds of the members present at the meeting.)

In addition to Fathi, Frame was endorsed today by Economic Opportunity Institute director John Burbank and OneAmerica Votes, the political arm of the immigrants' rights group. In a statement, Burbank said he was supporting Frame, among other reasons, because she supports a progressive income tax, one of EOI's hallmark issues.
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