Thursday Jolt: Koster Out-Romneys Romney

By Afternoon Jolt September 13, 2012

Not a winner or loser, just a jolt, for GOP Congressional candidate John Koster. 

Even as Mitt Romney's fellow Republicans were backing away from his incendiary, inaccurate comments about the deadly attack in Libya, Republican Congressional candidate John Koster was doubling down, issuing a statement that not only accused President Obama of "apologizing" for the First Amendment but failed to express any regret for the death of US ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three other diplomats who were killed in the attack.

(Romney blamed Obama for the death of US ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens, accusing him of "sympathizing" with the attackers based on a statement made by the US Embassy, not Obama, and made before the attacks, not after. In that statement, the embassy condemned attacks on all religions in response to the amateurish anti-Muslim video that later sparked the attacks.)

In a statement, Koster, who is running against Democrat Suzan DelBene in the 1st Congressional District, said, "In a post-9/11 world, especially following the recent and violent revolutions in the Middle East, America's political leadership needs to be on high-alert and maintain constant vigilance of American interests abroad. At this time, it is difficult to separate the lack of leadership from the Obama Administration and the apparent need of the US Embassy staff in Cairo to apologize for America's 1st Amendment."

For good measure, Koster went on to attack DelBene for ignoring the attacks and focusing instead on "some imaginary 'war on women.'" Silly women, always dreaming up imaginary attacks on their basic human rights!
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