The good news: Thanks to a modest economic recovery, this year's city revenues are up $7.6 million over projectionsso far, thanks in large part to improvements to the construction and manufacturing job market, the city's Central Budget Office announced this morning.

Overall, the Seattle region (King and Snohomish Counties) has recovered about 73 percent of the jobs it has lost since February of 2010.

The city is forecasting an additional $11.4 million in revenues through 2014 to offset estimated shortfalls of $32 million in 2013 and 2014. So: Less shortfall than anticipated.

The bad news: Sorry, Hanna Rosin. Here in Seattle, anyway, the men still wear the pants.

The area of the job market overwhelmingly dominated by women---government jobs---is the only job sector that not only has not bounced back, but has lost jobs, 3,300 since February 2010. (Of the 683,000 jobs lost by women nationally since 2009, 64 percent have been government jobs.)

Mancession? Meet Hecovery.

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