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On Other Blogs Today: Unemployment Spikes, Toll Revenues Plummet

By Erica C. Barnett September 19, 2012

1. The PI.com has the news that unemployment in Seattle actually increased in August, as the retail, wholesale trade, and hospitality industries lost jobs.

2. The latest bad news about Alaskan Way tunnel tolling---revenue projections, already cut in half, are now expected to be even lower---has prompted Sightline's Clark Williams-Derry to make a startling prediction: "It’s just a matter of time before the state starts laying a glide path to eliminate tolling entirely." Stay tuned for our report on WSDOT's tolling revenue updates later this afternoon.

3. The Spokesman-Review has a copy of the police report implicating state Rep. Matt Shea (R-) for carrying a loaded gun in his pickup  truck without a concealed weapons permit. It's fascinating reading.

Previously, Shea has been in the news for: Taking photos of himself standing in his Democratic opponent's driveway; proposing to exempt businesses like florists from gay-marriage legislation, essentially allowing them to refuse to serve gay couples; opposing legislation that would have repealed the state's anti-Communist sedition law; and proposing a slew of conservative measures, including bills that would have rejected the individual mandate in the health care law, exempted guns from federal regulations, and mandated that "only  gold and silver coin can be tendered for payment of debt by or to Washington state.”

4. A group of male off-duty Bellevue police officers is under investigation for harassing and mocking a female Seattle police officer who asked them to pick up a beer cup one of them had thrown on the ground, the Bellevue Reporter reports.

5. Over at the Everett Herald, Jerry Cornfield has the news that the state's ferry unions are so pissed off at senate transportation chair Mary Margaret Haugen's (D-10) efforts to strip them of collective bargaining rights, they're backing her Republican opponent.

6. At Politico, Mitt doubles down on his claim that 47 percent of all Americans "believe that they are victims" entitled to government handouts, calling Obama's ideas "foreign" (what could he possibly mean by that?), trashing the idea that government's job is to redistribute income, and reiterating his claim that 47 percent of Americans are "dependent on government."

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