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On Other Blogs Today: Charters, Health Insurance, State Auditor Smackdown, and More

By Erica C. Barnett September 12, 2012

1. The Tacoma News Tribune endorses I-1240, the charter schools initiative, calling it "an essential escape route from failing schools."

2. A trifecta of posts from city council members, on their official blogs: Mike O'Brien explains why City Light rates are set to increase (see our most recent coverage of the rate increase proposal here); Bruce Harrell explains why he's proposing legislation to bar most companies from requiring convicted felons to disclose their criminal status on job applications (see our piece applauding that proposal here);  and Tom Rasmussen shares his observations on the first month of the plastic bag ban.

3. Despite a slight nationwide decline in the number of uninsured, the Washington Budget and Policy Center's Schmudget (Yiddish for budget) reports that the number of

uninsured folks in Washington State has actually increased.

4. Tea Party backer James Watkins  and possible tax evader Troy Kelley---also known as your two choices for state auditor---had it out at an Association of Washington Business-sponsored debate today, and TVW's The Capitol Record blog says it got ugly.

5. The New Yorker's John Cassidy explains why Romney's whole blame-Obama-for-the-Libya-attacks thing isn't going so well.
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