1. The Seattle Times reports that Bellevue City Council members (and developers) are skeptical of Sound Transit's plans to build a light-rail maintenance base in the Bel-Red area, where developers have proposed several mixed-use transit-oriented development projects. As I reported in July, Sound Transit made a "protective acquisition" of a piece of land directly adjacent to the planned Bel-Red light rail station in an area that is zoned to allow residential buildings between 45 and 125 feet tall.

2. State representative Jamie Pedersen (D-43) tells KOMO that Tim Eyman's I-1185, the subject of a supreme court hearing tomorrow, has made it difficult for legislators to adequately fund K-12 education, as the same court previously ordered them to do. Pedersen has been making the case that 1185 ties legislators' hands on education since he and other state legislators joined the case earlier this year.

3. AP reporter Mike Baker reports that Lt. Gov. Brad Owen used his public office to support his non-profit, an anti-bullying group which had his wife on the payroll.

4. The AP also reports on today's announcement by Village Voice Media, which owns Seattle Weekly, to split itself into two companies, ditching Backpage.com, the classified site that has been implicated in several child sex-trafficking cases.

5. In the runup to Mayor Mike McGinn's budget announcement this afternoon, city council finance committee chair Tim Burgess lays out his criteria for a good city budget: Stop funding programs that don't work, start funding programs that do.

6. As part of his annual budget, King County Executive Dow Constantine is asking county council members to approve a $20 vehicle license fee in unincorporated King County to help make up a $50 million backlog in rural road maintenance, the Seattle Times reports.

7. This again? CBS News reports that LA is bracing for "Carmageddon II" with the upcoming closure of the 405 freeway---despite the fact that "Carmageddon I," just last year, failed to materialize. (Note to news directors everywhere: Next time you're reporting on the calamitous impacts of some upcoming road closure, maybe take five minutes to look at recent history?