2012 Election

McKenna Campaign Goes Negative

By Josh Feit September 26, 2012

To date the negative campaigning in the governor's race between Democrat Jay Inslee and Republican Rob McKenna has been left to the independent expenditure campaigns being funded by the Teachers Union and Democratic Governors Association (anti-McKenna to the tune of about $5.4 million) and the Republican Governors Association (anti-Inlsee to the tune of about $5.5 million).

No longer. The latest ad from the McKenna campaign itself attacks Inslee for voting for "more government" and "bigger deficits" during his 15 years as a congressman.

And the ad goes on to slam Inslee for the jobs plan he's hyping on the campaign trail—"a new government agency" they say derisively. (Perhaps the Republican camp has amnesia about the massive new agency George Bush created, the Office of Homeland Security?)

I've got a message in to the McKenna camp for specifics on the "more government" "bigger deficits" claim. Certainly, Inslee voted for Obamacare and Wall Street reform, so that may explain the "more government" charge, but tarring Inslee with supporting "bigger deficits" is a tougher charge to backup.

The main causes of our $1.3 trillion deficit are as follows: the war on terrorism (including the war in Iraq which Inslee voted against); the Bush tax cuts (Inslee voted against the costly break for the wealthy—which will add $1 trillion to the deficit over the next 10 years); the $800 million stimulus package which Inslee voted for (it included a massive tax cut and actually created jobs); the recession itself; and the rising costs of entitlement programs such as Medicare, which Obamacare ratchets down.

Inslee has proposed a new agency to focus on jobs along with giving tax breaks to choice industries such as biotech and alternative energy.

The Inslee campaign's response to the ad? Spokeswoman Jaime Smith says:

"They conveniently forgot to mention his vote for the balanced budget amendment. Another generic Republican attack from a Republican politician."
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