Today's loser: State Rep. Mark Hargrove (R-47). 

Republican state Rep. Mark Hargrove, who represents the 47th legislative district, may be best known for explaining his opposition to gay marriage by citing a Jack-in-the-Box commercial in which a man marries bacon, for opposing teachers' right to bargain, or for signing a ridiculous pledge to never raise taxes, but today, let's salute Hargrove for his latest accomplishment: Using public resources to finance his reelection campaign.

According to a ruling by Washington State Legislative Ethics Board chair David R. Draper, Hargrove initially tried to get state legislative staffers to help him film a campaign video for TV and YouTube focusing on the state budget. After they told him that was against the legislature's rules, the ruling says Hargrove forged ahead anyway, filming a video in the House Republican Caucus room that included a budget chart prepared by legislative employees "and used legislative email addresses and legislative phone numbers as contact points."

Draper concluded that the Hargrove video constituted "an impermissible personal use" of public resources, and has ordered Hargrove to go through ethics training with House lawyers and pay a $57 fine.
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