Extra Fizz: Port Commissioner Creighton Sees "Significant Appearance of Conflict"

By Josh Feit September 4, 2012

Port Commissioner John Creighton issued a statement today about Port director Tay Yoshitani, saying he doesn't think there's any "legal conflict of interest" with Yoshitani's side gig working for Expeditors International, but he does "take seriously concerns that it creates a significant appearance of conflict."

He adds: "As a commissioner, I have opposed long-term employment contracts with Port staff precisely because they act to constrain proper exercise of the Commission’s public oversight authority."

That line of reasoning certainly makes you wonder why he approved the open-ended contract to begin with.

He goes on to praise Yoshitani and calls the current situation "harmful" and "a distraction" from the the Port's goals.

He concludes that wants outside counsel to review Yoshitani's dual roles—as well as review the Port's conflict of interest rules.

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