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1. The Seattle Times has a moving obituary for longtime KOMO TV news anchor Kathi Goertzen. She was 54.

2. In keeping with its first-ever six-year strategic plan (adopted by a resolution that included the chart one Tim Burgess didn't want you to see---the one that shows electricity rates going up an average of 4.7 percent a year), City Light will present next year's rate proposal today. [pullquote]We know Republicans have a complex about not being cool, but the attempt at hipster-irony with the Don Draper one—"chicks for Rob!"—is getting panned.[/pullquote]

The short version: Overall, City Light is proposing a 4.4 percent rate increase in 2013 and a 5.6 percent rate increase in 2014. However, since the ultimate goal is to ensure that every user---everyone from hospitals and big commercial and industrial ratepayers to you and me---pays for their actual service costs, some ratepayers will suffer more than others in the short term.

In this case, those who will suffer most are you and me. Overall, residential rates will go up 6.8 percent in 2013. In contrast, the largest commercial energy users will actually see their rates go down by 4.1 percent. The city council's energy committee will discuss the rate proposal at its meeting at City Hall at 2:00 this afternoon, and hopes to vote the new rates to full council after the council's summer recess, either on September 11 or September 25.

3. The Rob McKenna campaign is putting the choice for its new campaign button up for a Facebook vote.

We know Republicans have a complex about not being cool, but the attempt at hipster-irony with the Frank Sinatra one—"Chicks for Rob!"—is getting panned in the comments by ... the chicks.

For example, Kristine says: "Agree that 'chicks is not appreciated by some voting women.' I'm one of them."

4. After years of difficulty figuring out just how many bicyclists are actually using Seattle's streets, the city plans to place an $8,500 automatic bike counter---a gift from Cascade Bicycle Club---on the Fremont Bridge.

Earlier this year, cyclist and council member Mike O'Brien said the city could do better than relying entirely on volunteers to count bikes visually (as it has in the past) or watching bike crossings remotely through a camera mounted over bike trails (the current counting method). The counter will also include a display showing road users how many cyclists have used the bridge over the course of the day and year.

5. The city council's longest-serving communications director, Laura Lockard, is leaving this week to work for the Woodland Park Zoo as associate director of strategic communications and public affairs. "It was a professional and personal opportunity I couldn’t resist given my affinity for wildlife and habitat conservation," Lockard, who worked at the council for two years and eight months, says.
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