The Math: The New Milk Mecca

By Karen Taylor Quinn August 20, 2012 Published in the September 2012 issue of Seattle Met

22.2 gallons 
Average milk consumption per American each year

4.5 percent 
Expected average decline in national milk production per cow within the next 70 years, according to a University of Washington study that links climate change and the dairy industry

0.9 percent 
Average decline by the 2080s for Washington, Oregon, and Montana, the three states expected to produce the most milk

$2.21 billion 
Projected annual loss to the U.S. dairy industry during the same period, with Florida losing $112 million annually and Washington $13.2 million

Dairy cows in Washington state, pumping out 645,000,000 gallons of milk annually 

Washington’s current U.S. ranking in milk production per cow (after Oregon)

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