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By Morning Fizz August 8, 2012

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The Secretary of State counted more than 800,000 votes last night, about 22 percent of the total electorate. They say they have another 200,000 ballots to count today, which will bring the count to about 27 percent of the electorate. More ballots are expected to arrive in the next two days. The Secretary of State had initially predicted about 46 percent turnout overall.

1. Our coverage of last night's governor's race, in which Republican Rob McKenna's campaign manager calls Democrat Jay Inslee's spin "complete B.S."

Spin aside, Inslee was ahead 46.77 to 42.93.

2. Our coverage of the 1st Congressional District race, in which Darcy Burner calls to concede and Suzan DelBene's campaign calls John Koster a "committed Tea Party Republican."

3. Our coverage of the results in the crowded Democratic primary in Seattle's 36th Legislative District, in which the winner, Seattle Port Commissioner Gael Tarleton, calls her campaign team "maniacs." [pullquote]Rob McKenna's campaign manager calls Democrat Jay Inslee's spin "complete B.S." [/pullquote]

Tarleton topped the field of seven candidates with 30.24 percent. She will face off with progressive activist Noel Frame, who got 20.79 percent.

4. Our coverage of the results in North Seattle's 46th Legislative District, where a rebel Democrat, Sylvester Cann, who's trying to knock out party appointed incumbent Gerry Pollet, calls Pollet's 20-point advantage good news.

In the race for the open state house seat in the 46th, green transit advocate Jessyn Farrell emerged from the crowd of six candidates with 28.24 percent. Omnipresent progressive activist Sarajane Siegfriedt also made it through with 21.61 percent of the vote.

5. In addition to being thrilled about Inlsee's numbers (and Democratic AG candidate Bob Ferguson's 100,000 vote advantage---a 52-38 percent surprise win over Republican rival Reagan Dunn), Democrats were cheering a few other results in the battle to control Olympia.[pullquote]Stand for Children and the League of Education Voters' favorite candidate Stephanie Bowman came in third in the crowded field, even with  a $50,000 assist from the ed reform groups.[/pullquote]

In a year that Republicans had originally been talking about the GOP's shot at taking over the Senate—and in a low-turnout August primary election that Democrats believe should favor conservatives with older voters , it was the Republicans who seemed to be on the defensive after last night's results.

Democratic businessman Mark Mullet was ahead of Republican Brad Toft 52.73 to 47.27 in the race in the 5th Legislative District for Republican state Sen. Cheryl Pflug's open seat. This is Dino Rossi's home district around Issaquah. Additionally, incumbent Republican Sen. Don Benton (R-17) in Vancouver was only slightly ahead of Democratic challenger Rep. Tim Probst (D-17), 50.45 to 49.55, despite $20,000 in in-kind contributions from the Republicans.

One Democrat being targeted by the GOP (she was hit with a $25,000 negative independent expenditure campaign from the Good Government Leadership Council), state Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen (D-10), was only slightly behind Republican challenger Barbara Bailey, 50.28 to 49.72.[pullquote]Tim Eyman was also a loser yesterday.[/pullquote]

6. As for the ed reform weather vanes we noted heading into last night's vote count: Stand for Children and the League of Education Voters' favorite candidate Stephanie Bowman in the 11th Legislative District came in third in the crowded field, even with  a $50,000 assist from the ed reform groups. She got 22.62 percent to union Renton high school teacher Steve Bergquist, a relative (but charismatic) unknown who got 28.39 percent.

The lone Republican in the race, Sarah Sonoy-Wright, also went through with 24.84 percent.

Meanwhile, in another loss for the ed reform crowd, state senate K-12 committee chair Sen. Rosemary McAuliffe beat back a challenge from an ed reformer Democrat, Guy Palumbo, and Republican ed reformer, Dawn McCravey. McAuliffe won 45.96 to Palumbo and McCravey's 13.17 and 40.67, respectively.

7. Finally, though he wasn't on the ballot last night, initiative guru Tim Eyman was also a loser yesterday.

The fiscally conservative Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce took a step toward coming out against Eyman's latest anti-tax initiative, I-1185, which would lock in the two-thirds rule on tax increases again.

The chamber came out for 1053, Eyman's two-thirds rule, in 2010, but yesterday, the group's policy committee recommended coming out against 1185, sending a 12-8 'No' vote to its executive committee.

8. Josh will be on KUOW's The Conversation with Ross Reynolds today. 94.9 FM at noon.

9. Oh, and the quote of the night came to us from giddy Washington State Democratic Party Chair Dwight Pelz who, beer in hand and celebrating at Democratic headquarters on Rainier Avenue last night, said the Democrats' strong showing reminded him of an old 1970s movie, Electra Glide in Blue.

Google, please.

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