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On Other Blogs Today: The Supreme Court, Paul Ryan, the Arena, and More

By Erica C. Barnett August 14, 2012

1. The Capitol Record reports that King County Superior Court justice Bruce Hilyer has conceded his race for state supreme court; former supreme court justice Richard Sanders and attorney Sheryl Gordon McCloud move forward to the general election.

2. Could Washington State's primary election results predict the general-election results in the rest of the country? Firedoglake thinks they could, based on the fact that "primaries in Washington [have been] remarkably predictive of general election outcomes" in the past.

3. The Washington Technology Industry Association hosted a discussion with gubernatorial candidates Jay Inslee and Rob McKenna this morning. According to the Puget Sound Business Journal, McKenna said the best way to get Washington State kids ready to compete in the high-tech economy---the main concern the group raised with the candidates---was to "invest in three-year-olds."

4. In an op/ed for the Seattle Times, state house transportation chair Judy Clibborn argues that the proposed new arena would slow the movement of freight in and out of the Port of Seattle and "hamper waterfront cargo operations."

5. Republican State Rep. Matt Shea has posted a photo of himself standing in front of his Democratic challenger's house, along with directions to the intersection where she lives. The Spokesman Review asks: Creepy or funny?

6. In Bloomberg News, Triumph of the City author Edward Glaeser argues  against government subsidies for parking that encourage people to drive, but says he's conflicted about low-cost parking for public-housing residents in Manhattan, where market-rate daily parking averages $40.

7. Talking Points Memo rounds up the five most radical ideas in VP candidate Paul Ryan's road map.
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