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On Other Blogs Today: The Legislature, RapidRide, Mitt, and More

By Erica C. Barnett August 31, 2012

1. The Everett Herald looks toward the 2013 legislative session, endorses the Washington Roundtable's "benchmarks" for the state, including improvements to education, job growth, patents, and the transportation system.

2. Seattle Transit Blog has the bummer news that the new Rapid Ride C and D stops downtown won't have ORCA card readers or real-time arrival information until mid-2013, when RapidRide Route E opens. Off-board card readers were a big part of what was supposed to make RapidRide "rapid."

3. In the Seattle Timescity council member Tom Rasmussen, who is gay, commends former council member Cheryl Chow, who came out as gay and announced that she is dying of cancer, for her courage. Contrary to what Chow told KING 5, Rasmussen says, her life hasn't been "wasted."

4. Pierce Transit union members have voted for a new contract that includes higher health-care costs and no cost-of-living pay increases for the next three years, the Tacoma News Tribune reports.

5. Coverage of Mitt Romney's convention speech is almost universally negative: The New York Times calls it "treacly" "banal," and full of "bromides"; ThinkProgress liveblogs (and fact-checks) the speech, and catalogues the things Romney didn't mention (climate change; veterans; Syria and Afghanistan); The New Yorker (painfully) dissects Clint Eastwood's "incoherent speech; The Nation artist Steve Brodner live-blogs the whole convention in caricatures; the Post's Ezra Klein "had trouble following the basic thread of the speech"; and the Smithsonian Blog surveys America's long history of people debating empty chairs.
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