Mystic Jolt: Ramtha Guru Gives $50,000 to the Democrats

By Afternoon Jolt August 28, 2012

If the Washington State Democrats are planning to pad gubernatorial candidate Jay Inlsee's campaign fund with another $150,000 check (the Democrats have been consistently downloading big checks to Inslee at the end of every fundraising period, and have given more than $1 million so far), they received a contribution themselves this month that could help their cause: Judith Knight, aka J Z Knight, the new age spiritual guru known for channeling Ramtha, contributed $50,000.

Knight claims to have come into contact with Ramtha—the spirit of the 35,000-year-old warrior who battled the Atlanteans—in her husband's trailer in 1977.

She runs Ramtha's School of Enlightenment in Yelm and identifies herself in campaign finance reports alternately as the president of JZK, Inc., a counselor at the Ramtha school, and as a spiritual leader.

She has also contributed $1,800 to Democratic state senate candidate Bruce Lachney (he's challenging incumbent Republican state Sen. Randi Becker, R-2, Eatonville) and $1,800 to state Supreme Court Justice Susan Owens.
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