2012 Election

Huckabee Favorites: Akin and Koster

By Josh Feit August 20, 2012

US Rep. Todd Akin's comments defending his position that abortion should be outlawed even in instances of rape—"If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down"—has freaked out the GOP establishment, which has been trying, ever since Mitt Romney finally dispensed with Rick Santorum in the GOP primary, to shake its image as a bastion of extremist social conservatives.

Republican candidates certainly don't want to be associated with Akin right now, which makes life uncomfortable for the Republican candidate in the 1st Congressional District, John Koster, who opposes abortion in cases of rape.

Koster is one of a batch of about 20 social conservatives nationally who was endorsed by Mike Huckabee's HuckPAC, whose top two issues are "life" and "traditional marriage."

Koster got a shout-out from Huckabee after he made it through this month's primary. Also featured in that day's press release: Rep. Todd Akin.

HuckPAC has not contributed to Koster, but they did make their biggest contribution this cycle—$5,000—to Akin.

We have a call in to Koster.
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