Today's top tweet comes from 1st District Congressional candidate Darcy Burner, who expressed her admiration for a piece that her very-conservative-would-be colleague, US Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA, 5) wrote for The Hill, the D.C.-based politics paper.

Here's Burner's Tweet:

And here's an excerpt from McMorris Rodger's piece, which focuses on the rights and capabilities of disabled children and adults (including her son, who has Down Syndrome).
In fact, in this Congress alone, I’ve worked with my colleagues across the aisle to introduce the Achieve a Better Life Expectancy (ABLE) Act, which would empower individuals with disabilities by reforming the tax code and enabling them to have access to their benefits. When Cole was born, we were advised not to put any assets in his name because it would penalize him if he needed to qualify for a government program someday. Millions of others parents face the same impediment: they want to expand their children’s options without jeopardizing their access to benefits. We must get rid of federal policies that limit those with disabilities and make them dependent on the government. We need the ABLE Act so that children with special needs can have the opportunity for better and brighter futures.

Burner's tweet caught our attention because it's not like the netroots liberal to say nice things about Republicans.
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