Strip Club Refuses to Sell Property to Arena Backer

By Josh Feit July 18, 2012

The owners of the SoDo outpost of the Deja Vu/Dreamgirls strip club have declined to sell their property to arena backer Chris Hansen, who is trying to buy up an entire block of properties just north of the site of his proposed arena to convert into an entertainment district for arena patrons (a Hansen-ville, if you will.) The county has valued the DreamGirls' property at $3.5 million.

Additionally, King County property records show that another parcel on the block, owned by Bartell Drugs, has not sold to Hansen yet. That property, which houses an old storage warehouse, is currently valued at $7.5 million.[pullquote]The amount Hansen was offering "was not something we would be wiling to consider." [/pullquote]

Deja Vu went through a lengthy battle with the Mariners over their effort to locate the strip club so close to SafeCo, with the Mariners arguing that a strip club shouldn't be allowed so near a "family-friendly" facility. Ultimately, the city sided with Deja Vu and allowed the club.

Tim Killian, a public-affairs consultant who represents Deja Vu, says the club is "really happy in that location" and has no plans to move."The city has really tightened up" its zoning rules since 2006, when the city restricted zoning to require numerous buffers around strip clubs, indicating that it would be tough to relocate.

Additionally, Killian says, the amount Hansen was offering "was not something we would be wiling to consider." Killian would not disclose the exact amount the club was offered.

We have calls out to Bartell's and ArenaCo to find out whether Bartell's plans to sell and whether Hansen plans to up his offer to Deja Vu's owners.
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