Nominate Your Favorite Nonprofit All-Star

By Sarah Gambles July 9, 2012

Seattle Met magazine is calling for nominations.

We're looking for outstanding local non-profit organizations and exceptional staffers at nonprofits. It's usually the big donors who get  recognized at the fancy dinners, and rightfully so. But we're looking for the people who are in the trenches everyday, dedicating their lives to improving the lot of others.  We want to give them a fancy dinner of their own.

I bet PubliCola readers know lots of people who fit the bill, folks who deserve serious props for doing heavy lifting at local non-profits day in and day-out.

When PubliCola first started, it actually used to run a regular feature called "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" that highlighted its favorite nonprofit worker bees. Oh, the synergy.

Nominate your favorite worker bees. Go here to make your nominations. The deadline is July 16.

Organizational awards:

• Best New Nonprofit —An organization younger than three years old.
• Honoring Our Elders —An organization dedicated to the seasoned folks.
• Inspiring Our Next Generation — An organization helping children.
• Keeping Us Healthy — An organization expanding our lifespans
• Most with the Least — An organization doing a lot with a little.
• Purely for Love — An organization without paid staff.
• Nurturing Creativity —Those protecting art and culture.

Individual awards:

• Extraordinary Pro Bono Contribution — A person who has made a major impact.
• Lifetime Achievement — The individual with a lifetime dedication to a nonprofit.
• Extraordinary Volunteer
• Extraordinary Board Member
• Extraordinary Executive Director
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