2012 Election

Inslee as Independent?

By Josh Feit July 30, 2012

A key aspect of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee's (evidently) successful $1 million opening round TV spot (immediately after the ads ran, he pulled ahead of formidable GOP rival Rob McKenna by seven points) was Inslee's claim to be an independent who will "plow my own path."

He cites his 2002 vote against the war in Iraq as an example of going his own way.

The narrator concludes: "Jay Inslee, the independence ... to build a working Washington."

I'm scratching my head re: his boast about voting against invading Iraq. Inslee did vote against the war, but so did a convincing majority of his caucus.

The House Democrats, voted 61 percent, 126-81, against the war resolution.

Inslee was certainly on the losing end of the vote overall; it was approved 296-133. But he didn't lose as an independent. He lost as a Democrat, right there with the majority of the Democrats from the Washington delegation, US Reps. Jim McDermott and Rick Larsen, and former US Rep. Brian Baird.

As a US rep, Inslee voted with his caucus 92 percent of the time, according to OpenCongress.org.

Inslee spokeswoman, Jaime Smith says "the point is that Jay knew the war was wrong and despite pressure from the Administration and the public, he knew the right vote was a 'no' vote."
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