2012 Election

Extra Fizz: Ruderman TV Spot Features Her Mom

By Josh Feit July 16, 2012

Perhaps 1st Congressional District candidate Laura Ruderman's new TV ad is proof that she really didn't know that her mom was the mystery donor behind an independent expenditure attack ad against Ruderman opponent Suzan DelBene. (Candidates aren't allowed to coordinate with IE campaigns.)

How else to explain this clunky turn of events: Ruderman's new TV ad—titled "Family"— stars ... Ruderman's mom?

Indeed, Fizz cannot fathom that Ruderman would have actually wanted to call any more attention to her mom now that mom's help has become a distracting story.

Here's the ad, a defense of  the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and Medicare, which helped Ruderman's mom in her fight with cancer.

After saying that defending the ACA will be "personal" because of her mom's fight with cancer, Ruderman concludes the spot: "I approved this message, for her."

And here's one of the anti-DelBene mailers that Ruderman's mother funded for Ruderman.

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