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1. Emails between Seattle Port staffers Mike Merrit and Linda Styrk and Manufacturing and Industrial Council Executive Director Dave Gering say that former Seattle City Council member Peter Steinbrueck had been retained in a joint effort between the Industrial Council and the Port to speak out against the arena deal prior to Steinbrueck's presentation at a June 19 King County Council meeting when he testified about zoning problems with the arena proposal.

At that meeting, Steinbrueck said he wasn't taking sides on the issue, just laying out the zoning issues; nor did he disclose his formal connection to the Industrial Council or the Port.

Here are the emails [we added the bolds]:
From: Dave Gering [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, June 18, 2012 07:40 AM To: Styrk, Linda Cc: Merritt, Mike
Subject: RE: Well done on the City Council Testimony

Any time to touch base before Tuesday's briefing for the County Council? I'm available most of the day starting at 9 am. We are trying to get a letter in to the city council today about expanding the expert review to include Seattle Center. We have retained Peter Steinbrueck the former city councilman and land-use chair to provide some testimony tuesday at the county. I can fill you in on that. John O. is focusing on confirmation that dispatchers send trucks earlier in the day to avoid late afternoon congestion from ball games.

From: Merrit, Mike
To: "[email protected]"; Styrk, Linda
Subject: Re: Well done on the City Council Testimony
Date: Monday, June 18, 2012 7:54:16 AM

Good idea. Glad to hear you are hiring Peter. [Port CEO] Tay [Yoshitani] and [Port Commissioner Tom] Albro will be speaking at [King County Council member Larry] Phillips' committee.

It came to light in early July  that the Port had hired Steinbrueck as a consultant on the arena deal for $40,000.  At that time Steinbrueck denied he had been on the Port's payroll back in June when he testified in front of the King County Council.[pullquote]One disappointment about McGinn's term has been the failure of these two Saul Alinsky liberals to hook up on legislation like this.[/pullquote]

We have a message in to Steinbrueck.

Want to ask Steinbrueck about all this yourself? He'll be a panelist at our arena forum tonight at 7 PM at EVO on Capitol Hill.

2. Meanwhile, the King County Council is expected to vote 'Yes' on the $490 million arena proposal today at their 1:30 meeting. There will be public testimony.

A coalition of labor, business, and environmental groups opposed to the deal is staging a protest at City Hall in advance of the county vote this morning at 10:30.

3. Unsatisfied with the legislature's botched efforts to rein in astronomical towing rates (a bill last year imploded when local cities weren't given the option of negotiating their own rates with towing companies as opposed to a standard statewide rate), Mayor Mike McGinn and Seattle City Council member Nick Licata are proposing their own legislation today.

Editorial Footnote: It's about time Licata and McGinn got together on a social justice issue. We must say, one disappointment about McGinn's term has been the failure of these two Saul Alinsky liberals to hook up on shit like this.
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