Afternoon Fizz: King County Takes Back Marriage License

By Josh Feit July 17, 2012

Here's a funny follow-up to our PubliCalendar recommendation—the wedding in Westlake between a woman and a corporation, a Citizens United couple, if you will. The stunt was a protest of corporate personhood to support I-103, a local effort to undo rules that grant first amendment rights to corporations.

The pair got married—video, marriage license, and recap here on the pranksters' website—but later in the day, in a comment on the group's Facebook page, King County notified the couple that the marriage application was accepted in error and that the group will be refunded the $64 fee.

When we asked Jeff Reifman, a spokesman for the agit-prop event, for a comment or if he was going to sue on behalf of corporate equal protection, he joked: "I'll wait 'til I see their response in writing with our refund check in the mail."

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