The Seattle Times Calls for Government Regs to Orchestrate Nirvana

By Josh Feit April 9, 2012

The utopian elitists at the Seattle Times ed board.

The Seattle Times published an editorial today calling the city's proposal to allow developers out of parking minimums around transit stops "utopian."

This is the Times' derisive adjective meant to convey their nightmare amalgam of indie rock kids living in Jetsons condos turning Seattle into a  Logan's Run colony, when in fact, the real utopian elitists are the Times themselves who have an idyllic 1950's vision of one-car-garage families. And like all utopian elitists, their master plan requires a central government bureau orchestrating their pricey Nirvana. I quote: "The vast majority who can afford market-priced housing in Seattle will have a motor vehicle, now and always."

Under the city's proposal, as Erica C. Barnett has pointed out many times, developers are actually free to build as much parking as they want if they think the investment is worth the demand. All the city is proposing is letting developers out of a minimum one-car-per unit mandate.

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