Politico: WA Governor's Race Third Most Competitive in Nation

By Erica C. Barnett April 30, 2012

Politico, citing PubliCola's reporting on a recent Elway poll concluding that just one in four state lobbyists believe Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee can win in November, has ranked Washington State's gubernatorial race as the third most competitive in the nation, after Wisconsin (where Republican Gov. Scott Walker is polling at 50 percent after surviving a recall effort), and West Virginia (where both candidates are battling to be more anti-Obama than each other).

Meanwhile, the Seattle Times ran an op/ed on its web site today by 2012 college graduate Alicia Halberg responding to McKenna's Romneyesque "get a job" gaffe. (McKenna tolda YMCA youth worker and Democratic Party volunteer that she should "get a job" when she asked him where he stood on the proposed state Reproductive Parity Act.) "I'm about to graduate and a study released last weekend showed that one in two college grads can't land a job or are underemployed," Halberg writes. "Go get a job? I'm trying. If you didn't know, the economy still isn't doing very well."
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