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By Morning Fizz April 23, 2012

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1. The King County Democrats' endorsement committee met all day yesterday (9 am until 11 pm) and Fizz got a call at 11:30 PM  with some juicy gossip: The endorsement committee chose to rescind its Darcy Burner recommendation thanks to those angry "Obama is a Republican" tweets she fired off last summer when Obama was considering cuts to Medicare and Social Security in the debt limit debate. (Admit it, you kinda agreed with her at the time.)

King County Democratic Party Chair Steve Zemke confirmed the story, but called it a "meaningless" parliamentary move because the whole body, not just the endorsement committee, has the final say on who can be considered for an endorsement—and any member can put Burner's name up for endorsement.

Neither Burner, nor her main opponents, Suzan DelBene and Laura Ruderman, have been able to get a big enough majority of the King County Democrats to coalesce around them.

2. The other bit of gossip was that the committee was going with Sarajane Siegfriedt and Jessyn Farrell for the 46th District open seat while opting not to recommend incumber Rep. Gerry Pollet in the other seat. Pollet is being challenged by Sylvester Cann, who lost the appointment to Pollet last year in the musical chairs that ensued after Cann's boss, Sen. Scott White, died in October.[pullquote]"It would make a great race," —King County Democrats Chair Steve Zemke says, imagining a Kucinich matchup against US Rep. Dave Reichert (R-WA, 8 ).[/pullquote]

Zemke, however, would not confirm or deny the story (we heard it from two soureces) saying only that there would be no decision made in the 46th races until the district itself made its endorsement.

The 46th district PCOs already nominated Siegfriedt and Pollet as the official candidates last week, but the full body has not made their endorsement yet, which is a separate process.

Zemke also went mum on another rumor: That the committee was going to recommend Brett Phillips in the hotly contested 36th District race.

3. Speaking of King County Democrats Chair Zemke, he tells Fizz he "disagrees" with Washington State Democratic Party Chair Dwight Pelz's dismissive attitude toward US Rep. Dennis Kucinich, the left-wing congressman from Cleveland, Ohio and 2004 and 2008 presidential hopeful who lost his most recent reelection bid. Last week, Kucinich floated the possibility of moving to Washington State to run for congress.

From the New Yorker, February 9, 2004

"It would make a great race," Zemke says, imagining a Kucinich match up against US Rep. Dave Reichert (R-WA, 8 ). "They both have records and they could discuss the issues. Without a strong Democratic candidate in the 8th, Reichert is going to get away with just doing a couple of mailers and avoiding the public."

Zemke says he has sent an email to Kucinich telling the one-time winner of the Mars primary that "I'm willing to talk to him about the possibility of running, particularly in the 8th."

Currently, the low-profile Democratic challenger, Karen Porterfield, an associate dean at Seattle University, has about $2,000 cash on hand.
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