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Arena Proposal Could Shutter Showbox SoDo

By Josh Feit April 11, 2012

The Showbox SoDo, the southern outpost of the downtown rock club, is one of  several pieces of property San Francisco hedge-fund manager Chris Hansen has under contract to build a new NBA-NHL arena in SoDo and could end up being demolished if the arena is built.

As we reported Monday, Hansen has acquired numerous contiguous parcels for the potential arena, including one large parcel he purchased for $22 million and several smaller parcels to the west; his spokesman Peter McCollom told us he did not know precisely how much Hansen spent on those properties. (The Seattle Times picked up on the story that Hansen had acquired the additional properties today.)

A source close to Hansen confirms that he has the Showbox property (valued, most recently, at just over $3 million) under contract---that is, he's in the process of buying it---but said that because the arena has not been designed yet, it's unclear whether arena construction would require demolition of the club. If the Showbox does end up in the way of the arena, the source says, "relocation nearby is a likely option."

To get a rough sense of the arena's potential footprint, here's a map from the city's arena web site, titled "Map of Proposed Arena Location":

And here's the King County Assessor's aerial image of the same property, with the Showbox (property report here) in yellow:

Showbox general manager Brian McFadin's only comment on the arena was "We have no comment at this time," and the mayor's office referred all questions to Hansen's spokespeople.

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