I can't get anyone to go on the record about this one, but the rumor is hot enough that the Democrats have called their political consultants to Olympia to strategize against what could be another GOP coup: The Republicans, the Democrats believe, may try to use their newfound numbers (they've got three Democrats voting with them on the budget) to oust Democratic senate ways and means chair, Sen. Ed Murray (D-43, Seattle) because he won't use their budget—the one passed over his objections on Friday night—as the basis for negotiations with the house.

Murray would not comment on the rumors about his fate, but did say: "There seems to be this idea that I should be negotiating their budget. The senate Republicans need to negotiate their own budget. I'm happy to work with them and compromise, but I'm not going to be their advocate."

The Republicans would not go on the record about the rumor.
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