We've been feeling jolted a bit ourselves from the whiplash.

Just two days ago, we made GOP gubernatorial candidate Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna the day's winner because his Democratic rival for the state's top gig, former US Rep. Jay Inslee, seemed to be goofing up at every turn.

A) He was answering questions with blatantly canned responses that kept him on message, but off point. (For example, asked if he would support a state income tax, he responded, "We need a governor who's going to get up every single morning for the next several years with a vision to get people back to work ... [and] grow jobs in clean technology, aerospace, and biotechnology ... I want to bring these skill sets to the governor's office and get people back to work; asked if he supported the marijuana legalization measure, I-502, he said, "I'm not running on that issue. I'm running to create jobs.")

And B) Despite recently resigning from Congress to go "all in" on the campaign, he bowed out of the traditional gubernatorial debate with McKenna, scheduled for June 12, in front of the Association of Washington Business, the AWB.

Today, however, Inslee announced he's in.

The Everett Herald has a good summary of the reverse decision.

McKenna himself had a bit of a reversal today too. Pressed in the days leading up to and immediately following the Washington State GOP presidential caucuses to say who his pick for the Republican nomination was, McKenna demurred, explaining to Politico that "the rule is you stay out of other people's primaries."

(McKenna clearly had a political problem on his hands—not wanting to pull the trigger yet for the unconvincing Mitt Romney.)

Today, however, in a different GOP intramural, McKenna endorsed Republican state Sen. Michael Baumgartner (R-6, Suburban Spokane) in the GOP US Senate primary field.

Baumgartner, a first term senator, is running against Republcian Art Coday, a Lynwood doctor, for the right to take on Democratic US Sen. Maria Cantwell.
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