Winner: Rob McKenna

Republican gubernatorial candidate McKenna raised $250,000 in the brief weekend fundraising window between the regular legislative session and the special session. (State officeholders such as Attorney General McKenna are barred from raising cash while the legislature is in session).

$250,000 in 72 hours. Whoa.

Loser: Rob McKenna

Now that the legislature is back in session (thanks to his own party for creating a toxic environment in Olympia with a last-minute budget coup), McKenna can't raise money for perhaps (and probably given the standoff) another 30 days.

Watch the Democrats try to run the clock out on this one so their guy, McKenna's rival US Rep. Jay Inslee (D-WA, 1), can keep building a cash advantage.

For example, according to the latest fundraising numbers, Inslee raised $460,729 in February, bringing his total to $4.25 million with $2.44 million cash-on-hand.

McKenna's new cash brings his total raised to about $4 million, with $2.1 million cash on hand at last report.
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