Today's winner: Peer-to-peer car sharing. 

Although many bills supported by environmentalists (the toxic toys bill) and transit supporters (the safe streets bill) have died this year, one that survived and is making its way to Gov. Chris Gregoire's desk is the peer-to-peer car sharing bill, which would allow individual car owners to rent out their car by the hour to people without cars.

Far-fetched as the idea might sound (ask yourself: Would you be willing to rent your car to a stranger?), peer-to-peer sharing has won an endorsement from car sharing behemoth Zipcar, which last month invested $13.7 million in Wheelz, a college campus-based peer-to-peer car sharing network. As Brock Howell of Futurewise put it in a press release, "The staffs of Transportation Choices and Futurewise are getting excited about renting out our cars to our neighbors while we ride the bus all day."

Today's loser: Health as a state transportation goal. 

Efforts to require lawmakers to include public health among their goals when deliberating on transportation policy are dead for this session. The proposal, which would have made health the sixth state transportation policy goal, was opposed by conservatives and highway proponents because it would likely have led to more investment in active transportation modes---transit, walking, and biking---at the expense of expanded infrastructure for cars.
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