Today's loser: Mayor Mike McGinn. 

On the heels of news that the Phoenix Coyotes NHL hockey team plans to stay in Phoenix (scotching Mayor Mike McGinn's plans to bring the team to a new, "self-financed" arena in SoDo), the Sacramento Kings, the NBA team McGinn and his prospective arena investor, Chris Hansen, had hoped to bring to Seattle, announced today that they have reached a deal that will allow the team to stay in Sacramento. The announcement throws a major monkey wrench in McGinn's grand NBA/NHL arena plans; now, in addition to coming up with another hockey team, the city will have to find another NBA team that's willing to sign a 30-year deal in a new city.

Today's winner: Mayor Mike McGinn.

Legislation in Olympia, sponsored by Seattle Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles, that would crack down on publications that run ads for underage prostitutes, passed the state house today and is now on its way to Gov. Chris Gregoire's desk.

Mayor Mike McGinn, along with other Seattle leaders including city council member Tim Burgess, have come out loudly against local publications (specifically targeting Seattle Weekly, whose has been implicated in numerous charges involving sexual exploitation of minors) that do not verify the ages of escorts who advertise on their web sites, and the Seattle Police Department has busted numerous pimps for forcing young girls into prostitution. Kohl-Welles' bill makes it a class C felony to "knowingly" advertise for sex with an underage prostitute.
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