Snowballs and Pitbulls

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee January 25, 2012

Today in Fuzz: Snowball and pitbull attack in Interbay; Seward Park robbery

1) A man told police he was targeted in a snowball and pitbull attack last week in Interbay.

The man was driving down Dravus St. near 15th Ave. W on January 18 when a group of eight men and woman started pelting his car with snowballs.

The man parked his car and walked over to confront the group, who were all standing around a late '70s El Dorado. When heĀ asked them why they were throwing snowballs at him, they whipped a few more at his head.

A woman in the group, who had two pitbulls with her, sicced one of the dogs on the victim, who ran to his car. As he was climbing into his car, the dog bit him on the ankle, according to police.

After the man got in his car, someone also threw a beer bottle at him before he drove off. The victim wasn't able to get the suspects' license plate because they'd covered it up with snow.

2) Police say a bloody incident in Seward Park Tuesday afternoon started off as a robbery.

A 22-year-old Rainier Valley resident pulled a kitchen knife on a 23-year-old man near 50th and Hudson and demanded his wallet. When the man didn't give it up, the suspect knocked him to the ground, and stabbed and slashed him at least eight times in the face, neck and chest.

Police arrested the suspect near the scene.

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