Weeks after a Seattle police officer fatally shot himself after he was caught in a drug sting. another member of the Seattle Police Department is pushing for mandatory drug testing for all police and firefighters across the state.

Rep. Mike Hope (R-44)—a Seattle police officer who lives in Lake Stevens—has sponsored two bills to create standards for drug testing police and firefighters involved in serious violent incidents, and to allow departments to randomly test and suspend officers.

Under the legislation, departments would test officers following a crash or shooting, and would require police to take a drug test if a suspect was seriously injured in a scuffle with an officer. The bill would also require police and fire departments to randomly drug test 30 percent of staff each year for controlled substances, which, along with drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine, could also include things like steroids.

Back in 2000, Hope was suspended from the police force for five days after an incident in which he was a passenger in a car that was pulled over by police in Mill Creek; after identifying himself as a police officer, Hope asked the Mill Creek officers to let his date, who was driving drunk, walk home. When they refused, he  started yelling at them, calling one “small town” and saying he hoped they “did not come to Seattle or need help or a backup” in the future.

We've contacted the Seattle Police Officers' Guild to see what they think of the proposed legislation.
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