Police Evict Protesters From "Turritopsis Nutricula" House In the Central District

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee January 10, 2012

Police chainsawed their way through the front door of a Central District home this morning before evicting seven Occupy Seattle protesters who had been squatting in the vacant house since November.

This morning, around 4:00am, King County's Tac 30 team—the sheriff's office equivalent of a SWAT team—and Seattle police swarmed the home at 23rd Ave. and Alder St. and used a loudspeaker to wake up the protesters. Police then used a chainsaw to cut through the door of the home, which was barred with a "castle lock" or 2x4 board, according to King County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Sgt. Cindi West.

West says police sent in a tactical squad because they "had received intelligence information that there were possibly some weapons and booby traps in the house," although she said deputies didn't find any in the home.

West says police removed seven protesters from the home this morning, but did not arrest them.

As many as 30 people had previously been "crashing" at the home, and West says that the group caused extensive damage to the inside and outside of the house.


Before and after photos courtesy of the King County Sheriff's Office.

This is at least the third group of protesters police have evicted from a home in the Central District over the last few months.
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