Phoenix Jones' Crew Captures Belltown Shootout On Camera

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee January 3, 2012

Local masked crusader Phoenix Jones and his crew Rain City Superheroes group rung in the new year watching a shootout outside a nightclub in Belltown.

According to police report for the incident—which makes no mention of Jones or his companions—just before 2am, bouncers were clearing out the bar at 1st and Bell when a"shoving match" broke out inside the club.

Following the melee, a bouncer at the club heard two shots and saw people " a panic," the report says, so he ran to his car—parked outside the club—and grabbed his gun.

The bouncer followed the suspected gunman down an alley where, the report says, the suspect turned and fired four shots at the bouncer, who returned fire. Police say the bouncer had a concealed weapons permit.

Jones and his team were standing across the street from the chaotic scene—after the shooting starts, Jones can be heard calling for his crew to put their "riot shields up"—and video recorded by his camera crew appears to indicate about a dozen shots were fired during the incident. Somehow, no one was hit by gunfire.

Police did find a man slumped in a doorway near the scene of the shooting, but he had apparently been sprayed with pepper spray in an unrelated incident.

Bike patrol officers were on scene moments after the shooting, and detained two men. It's unclear whether SPD arrested anyone. The case is now being handled by gang detectives.

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