Dan Satterberg Has Never Won His Office March Madness Pool

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee January 13, 2012

King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, the man who voters have entrusted to make life or death decisions in capital punishment cases, has never once won his office NCAA pool. His uncreative, number one seed lovin' bracket sheet from 2011 explains why:

Satterberg tells PubliCola he's "embarrassed" by his picks, and says he would have put more time into his bracket had he known they were going to be public.

PubliCola obtained a copy of Satterberg's bracket through a public disclosure request—which also included bracket records going all the way back to 2006, because the deputy prosecutor who runs the $1 buy-in pool is apparently a bit of a pack rat—after prosecutors filed gambling against a local artist. Prosecutors later dropped charges in the case.

When asked whether it was hypocritical for prosecutors to gamble when they occasionally file gambling charges, Satterberg says "I think there's a big distinction between a March Madness pool that's done with light-hearted fun between prosecutors" and notes "it's something that's replicated in most large offices around the country." Satterberg also says in the gambling cases his office files, "the house takes a cut, and it's clearly not the case in my office."

Indeed, Satterberg has never won his office pool.

So who's the zero-time champion betting on this year?  "Put me down for Duke," Satterberg says.


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