A Murder, A Drive-By, and a Drug Ring

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee January 26, 2012

Today in Fuzz: Charges in West Seattle murder and Central District drive-by, feds raid drug ring, and UW student threatened at gunpoint.

1) A 67-year-old man is facing murder charges, accused of  fatally shooting another man outside a West Seattle bar

Prosecutors say Lovett Chambers fatally shot Michael Hood as he and a friend left the Feedback Lounge

Hood's friend saw Chambers talking to Hood, but did not believe the men said "anything angry."

As Hood was climbing into his friend's truck, Chambers approached him from behind.  Hood spun around and grabbed a shovel out of the bed of his friend's truck. Chambers backed up, and pulled out a gun.

Hood tried to climb back into his friend's truck before Chambers fired three or four shots, fatally wounding Hood.

Hood died at Harborview the next day.

Witnesses led police to Chambers, and officers arrested him at his home shortly after the shooting.

Chambers claimed Hood and his friend had followed him to his vehicle and made "racial slurs."

In an interview with police, Chambers' wife told officers her husband came home after the shooting, poured himself a glass of wine, and asked her about the movie she was watching, court records say.

Prosecutors say Chambers has a criminal history dating back more than a half century for robbery, kidnapping, escape, resisting arrest, extortion, rape, and gun charges.

Chambers is being held at the King County Jail on $5 million bail.

2) Prosecutors have also filed  drive-by shooting and gun charges against a violent felon for a drive-by shooting in the Central District earlier this month, apparently sparked by baby mama drama.

Charging documents say Robert Isabel, 26, targeted another man in the shooting after they both began dating the same woman.

The woman at the center of the dispute was dating another man while Isabel was incarcerated, court records say, and when she became pregnant.

Both Isabel and the other man claimed the child was theirs, but it was eventually determined it was not Isabel's child.

The woman and Isabel apparently continued their relationship, although the other man still called her, leading Isabel to threaten him.

As the victim was driving through the Central District late at night on January 3, an SUV pulled up alongside him and the driver fired several shots, striking his car. When the victim pulled over, he saw Isabel drive past, laughing, according to court records.

Isabel allegedly sent a text to the victim following the shooting saying "we laughing at you." Police later traced the SUV used in the shooting to Isabel.

Court documents say Isabel has prior cases for assault, drugs, auto theft, possession of stolen property, robbery, and gun charges.

Isabel was booked into jail Wednesday and is being held on $200,000 bail.

3) Federal agents took 18 people into custody  yesterday for their involvement in a cocaine, meth and heroin ring stretching from San Francisco to Vancouver, Canada, according to federal court records.

Authorities seized 24 pounds of meth, cocaine, and crack and $35,000 cash Wednesday and previously seized $700,000 cash, 11 kilos of coke, 40 pounds of meth and four guns in the case, which was apparently spawned from routine SPD undercover "buy-bust" operations.

Federal court documents say authorities recorded "thousands of drug-related conversations" on more than two dozen wiretaps in a two-year investigation, including a number of conversations involving "a major Seattle-area drug trafficker."

Court records also say drug dealers have a lot of different names for drugs: among them, "house" and "michelada" for cocaine, and "black girls" for heroin.

4) A UW student told police four men drove up to him on the street and threatened to shoot him earlier this week.

The victim was walking home along NE 47th St. towards 19th Ave. NE. around 12:45 am January 23 when four men in a grey sedan pulled up next to him on the street.

The man in the passenger seat waved the victim over to the car, but the man ignored them.

Man in the passenger seat told him "If you don't take your hands out of your pockets and come over here, I'm going to fucking shoot you."

The victim ran home and called 911.


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