Today in Fuzz: Homeless man attacked under I-5, home invasion in the Central District, and a ballsy bouncer.

1)  Police are looking for a man who pulled a gun on an apparently unflappable bouncer at a Lake Union nightclub Saturday.

A man came out of the club and told a bouncer working the front door he needed to go to his car to get his jacket. The bouncer told the man he couldn't come back inside, because the club has had problems with club patrons going to their cars and drinking

The man then went to his car and pulled out a small handgun, which he pointed it at the bouncer, who was standing next to the man's car.

When the suspect pushed the gun into the bouncer's stomach, the bouncer responded "What bitch,what you gonna do now? If you're gonna shoot, shoot".

The suspect eyeballed the bouncer—"who was much larger in stature than him," the report says—who told the suspect "Don't ever pull your gun on me again".

The suspect got into his car, rolled down his window and shouted that he'd "be back," so the bouncer punched him through the open window, hitting him in the teeth.

The suspect drove away, and club staff provided police with the suspect's license plate number.

2) Two robbers attacked a man in his Central District apartment early Saturday morning.

Around 1:00 am Saturday, the victim was in his apartment when two men came in through an unlocked door. The suspects kicked the victim in the head and stomach—knocking him unconscious—and ransacked his apartment.

The man later told police he recognized the suspects "from the Somali community" but did not know their names.

3)  A man dressed in camo, combat boots, and sporting a mohawk attacked a homeless man in his tent under I-5 last week.

The victim was inside his tent in a wooded area near Eastlake Ave. E. and Prospect St. on December 16 when something heavy hit the side of his tent, caving it in. The victim scrambled outside of his tent, where he found another man—in his mid 20s, wearing a camo jacket, combat boots, and sporting a mohawk, according to the police report—swinging a large piece of metal at him.

The victim blocked one of the man's swings with his forearm before the suspect struck him in the him. The suspect screamed at the victim that he "had killed his girlfriend," according to the report.

The victim got the pipe away from the man and called police, who found the suspect in another tent under I-5, and arrested him for assault and a misdemeanor warrant.

Medics took the victim to Harborview for treatment for a possibly broken arm.
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