Seattle Central Gives Occupy Camp 72 Hours To Move

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee December 6, 2011

Seattle Central Community College staff began evicting Occupy Seattle from the school's campus earlier today, notifying the group it has 72 hours to move from the campus.

After 72 hours, any protesters still pitching tents on the school's south plaza can be cited for trespassing, according to a statement from the school, which cites "imminent health and safety issues" as the reason for the eviction.

Occupy Seattle has been trying to fight the eviction for several weeks, filing a temporary restraining order against the school in Thurston County Superior Court. Last week, a judge overturned the order, allowing the school to move forward with the eviction.

“No one wants a confrontation,” Seattle Central president Dr. Paul Killpatrick said in a statement Tuesday. “This still has the potential to end peacefully. Occupy Seattle will determine the outcome.”

Occupy Seattle hasn't formally announced where it will move next, but last weekend group members temporarily occupied an abandoned warehouse on Capitol Hill. We've heard the group has discussed occupying other empty buildings or homes, and also heard rumors about a possible move to the University of Washington campus. A small group of protesters are still at City Hall, which could become another destination for the group if and when they leave the SCCC campus.
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