Overnight Port Shifts Canceled Due to Protests

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee December 13, 2011

There was some confusion at yesterday's Port shutdown protest about just how much impact the demonstration had on operations at the Port of Seattle, and whether workers were sent home without pay.

Several protesters at last night's port shutdown told PubliCola they believed their protest was a "success," but port officials repeatedly said the protests had a "minimal impact" on operations.

However, this morning, Port of Seattle spokesman Peter McGraw confirmed that two overnight shifts—between 6pm and 2am—at the port were indeed canceled due to the protests. McGraw says port workers returned to the terminals around 3:00 this morning for the "hoot owl" shift.  McGraw also said that  about ten protesters caused a brief 40-minute delay at the terminal this morning.

McGraw couldn't confirm whether workers went unpaid yesterday, but we've contacted the longshoreman's union for more info.
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