Police Evict Occupy Seattle Protesters From Central District Home

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee December 15, 2011

Seattle police have begun cracking down on small bands of Occupy Seattle protesters who have begun Occupying vacant homes around the Central District.

Police tell PubliCola officers booted a group of Occupy Seattle protesters from a Central District home last night after the property owner complained that group of people had moved into the home, which was supposed to be vacant.

Officers went to the house at 12th Ave. and E. Jefferson St. just before 6 pm, and found five people living inside.

The group told officers they were part of the Occupy Seattle protests, and had previously lived at the Occupy camp on Seattle Central Community College's campus.

The five Occupiers told police someone had given them a key to the home, but wouldn't say who had given it to them.

Police kicked them off the property, and arrested one person who had an outstanding misdemeanor warrant.

This is at least the third property that's been Occupied in by protesters over the last month. Protesters previously took over an abandoned warehouse on Capitol Hill, and moved into a house on 23rd and Alder.

We've heard the property owner and police are working to evict the group from the 23rd and Alder home, but the owner has concerns about legal liability if police end up raiding the house.

Since Seattle Central kicked protesters off campus, PubliCola has heard that more protesters are looking to occupy vacant homes around the city.
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