In the wake of the Obama Administration's decision to overrule the FDA and keep Plan B emergency contraception behind the counter at pharmacies, more bad news today about access to Plan B: According to a new study in the Journal of American Medicine, even under the current restrictive rules (anyone over 17 has the right to go to a pharmacist and ask for Plan B without a prescription; those under 17 must get a prescription from a doctor first), pharmacists routinely misinform women about whether they can get Plan B.

Researchers posing as 17-year-old women called pharmacies around the country to ask if Plan B was available that day. In fully 20 percent of cases, the pharmacists immediately said no---a huge problem for a drug that is most effective at preventing pregnancy within 72 hours of unprotected sex. Then, when the women revealed their purported age, 20 percent of pharmacists said Plan B was not available to 17-year-olds even with a prescription---a violation of federal law.

Additionally, women in low-income neighborhoods were 60 percent more likely to be told they couldn't get EC---another huge problem, given that poor and minority women are far more likely to become pregnant by accident. They were also more likely to be misinformed by pharmacists about age restrictions on the pill.

Meanwhile, undocumented girls and women have to provide ID to get the pill, another barrier that prevents low-income and brown women from preventing unwanted pregnancy.

All these problems would vanish overnight, of course, if Obama and his secretary of health and human services, Kathleen Sebelius, had followed the consensus of researchers at the FDA and made Plan B available over the counter to girls, women, boys, and men of all ages. Given that Obama's reason for supporting the restriction boiled down to "I'm a daddy and I'm not comfortable with my girls having sex." Thanks to his administration, he should be more uncomfortable about it now.

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